Traditional air compressors create a great deal of excessive noise, which can cause various issues such as hearing loss, communication errors, decreased productivity, and more. To prevent these issues, many facilities invest in silent air compressors, which are specifically engineered to emit low levels of noise. The noise dampening properties of silent air compressors helps to decrease mechanical sound and noise pollution while still providing the compressed air needed for your operations.

Silent Air Compressors Overview

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Air compressor manufacturers recognize the potential for injury caused by high-volume compressors, which is why they have established standardized ratings based on decibel (dB) levels. The three standard ratings for air compressors are:

  • 40 dB. This compressor rating produces the lowest level of noise. Smaller, low-power air compressors tend to fall within this category.
  • 60 dB. This compressor rating is recognized as the safest noise level for air compressors.
  • 85 dB. Compressors with this rating regularly produce sound that exceeds safe noise levels. Employees who are exposed to this level of sound on a regular basis may experience negative health effects.

Silent air compressors are specifically designed to create minimal noise through the use of advanced sound-reduction technology. They operate at or below 75 dB. Heavy hardware and noise-dampening materials minimize vibration, and a portable noise-dampening cover further eliminates excess sound. Silent air compressors come in oil-lubricated and oil-free designs, each of which features smooth component motion that reduces excess vibration from friction, grinding, and wear.

Silent Air Compressors Advantages

Silent air compressors offer a variety of advantages over more traditional compressor designs, including:

  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Many Applications
  • Extremely Portable
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Simple Start-Up
  • Low-Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Improved Worker Safety

Silent Air Compressors Applications

Silent air compressors provide safe, efficient compressed air for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Spray Painting and Coating Equipment
  • Air-Powered and Air Impact Tools
  • Pneumatic Lifts and Elevators
  • Shot Peening and Sandblasting
  • Heating and Cooling Operations
  • Power Cleaning

Featured Silent Air Compressors

Energy Machinery, Inc. is pleased to offer a full selection of silent air compressors for use in a variety of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. All of our ESM 6 compressors are highly efficient, extremely quiet, and cost-effective to operate and maintain.

ESM 6 – Standard Compressor
Our ESM 6 Standard Compressor is specifically designed for simplicity and ease of use. This compact 680 mm screw compressor is available with pressures up to 8 bar (115 psig). For those looking for a complete compressor station, we can customize your ESM 6 with tank-mounting and refrigerant dryer plus filter kit options. Installation and maintenance are simple, with removable side doors and quick access to all service points.

ESM 6 – Mounted on 270 L Receiver
This ESM 6 compressor is mounted on a 270 L receiver, which increases pressure up to 10 bar (145 psig). Larger than the standard, this model is 1540 mm wide and can be customized with an add-on refrigerant dryer and filter kit. Ideal for moderate commercial and industrial applications, the ESM 6 mounted on 270 L receiver is simple to install and maintain, with easy-to-adjust pressure settings.

ESM 6 – Mounted on 500 L Receiver
Our highest capacity ESM 6 design, mounted on 500 L receiver, provides pressures up to 13 bar (190 psig) in a package that is 1950 mm wide. This tank-mounted version can be customized with a refrigerant dryer and filter kit. This design is perfect for larger operations, with ample pressure for commercial and industrial washing, coating, painting, and cleaning operations.

Silent Air Compressors from Energy Machinery, Inc.

At Energy Machinery, Inc., we provide superior compressed air equipment for virtually any operation. To learn more about our selection of silent air compressors, contact us today!


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