Industrial Air Compressor Systems In Boston

Choosing the right air compressor system for your facility can enhance productivity, reduce maintenance requirements, and save energy. Whether you need a large industrial model or a lightweight portable option, Energy Machinery, Inc. is here to help our customers in the Boston area evaluate their needs, find, and maintain the right compressed air system. 

Air Compressor Systems in Boston

We’re proud to carry a wide range of air compressor types to suit the diverse needs of wide-ranging industries in the Boston area, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics, metalworking, printing, auto repair, and more. We carry the following compressor systems:

Reciprocating Compressors

Typically used in small shops, garages, and home projects, reciprocating compressors are also called piston compressors. They require little energy consumption relative to the amount of power they produce, and they’re small and compact. Single-stage models are common for operating power tools and doing woodworking projects, while multi-stage models are better suited for construction projects that require more power. 

Rotary Screw, Scroll, and Vane Compressors

Like the reciprocating compressor, rotary screw, scroll, and vane compressors are all positive displacement compressors. Rotary screw models are designed to provide constant airflow. They’re used in large industrial operations and are a popular choice for manufacturing environments.. 

Scroll compressors are versatile machines that are quiet, easy to maintain, and produce cleaner air—making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious companies. They’re not the most powerful choice, so they may not be appropriate for large tools and equipment. 

Scroll compressors are available in the smaller horsepower market due to their initial cost. They are popular as an alternative to the reciprocating and screw type compressors. 

Variable Speed Compressors

Variable-speed compressors allow you to adjust the airflow based on demand to help you save money and reduce the workload on your air compressor system. These are ideal for facilities that operate 24 hours a day with varying demand between shifts and for seasonal businesses that have increased demand for a few months at a time. 

Oil-Free Compressors

Instead of using oil as a lubricant, these air compressor systems use alternative long-lasting lubrication to ensure they run smoothly. This allows them to produce cleaner air and typically operate more quietly, which may be essential in certain work environments. You can choose from oil-free rotary screw, reciprocating, and centrifugal compressor models. 

Air Compressor Systems Service in Boston

Energy Machinery offers 24-hour field services for air compressors, gas compressors, pumps, blowers, and air dryers in Boston and throughout New England. We have in-house maintenance and repair facilities, staffed by our factory-trained, factory-certified technicians, many of whom have more than 20 years of industry experience. We’re also proud of our designation as an authorized warranty repair center for Gardner Denver compressors and blowers.    

Air Compressor Systems Parts in Boston

If your air compressor system breaks down, there’s no time to waste. We maintain New England’s largest selection of spare parts — including long-lead parts for older equipment models — at our 22,000-square-foot facility in Rockland, MA. Contact our Parts Department and we’ll get your required parts to you as quickly as possible. 

Air Compressor Systems in Boston from Energy Machinery

What started as a Field Service organization in 1971 has grown into a leading provider of high-quality air compressor systems in the Boston area. With 24-hour field service, a large inventory of spare parts (including hard-to-find components), equipment rentals, energy audits, and more, we’re here to help you find and maintain your air compressor system.

We understand the importance of efficient operation when it comes to the environment and your bottom line, and we provide planned maintenance programs, troubleshooting assistance, and more to keep your equipment at its best. With our decades of experience, we can offer rapid diagnosis, quick turnarounds on repairs and rebuilds, and the friendly, knowledgeable care you deserve and expect. Contact us today to learn more about us, order a new machine, or request service for your air compressor system in Boston and the surrounding area.