Companies across industries rely on compressed air for everyday applications, so they need reliable air compressor services and industrial air compressor parts to meet their diverse needs.

Energy Machinery, Inc. provides high-quality air compressor services, parts, and rentals for a broad range of industries. Our goal is to help customers find a competitively-priced compressed air solution for their application to improve productivity and enhance their bottom line.

Air Compressor Services

More than 50 years ago, Energy Machinery, Inc. started as a field service provider. We are now one of the most successful full-line distributors in the industry, servicing all types of compressed air equipment.

Energy Machinery offers extensive in-house rebuilding and repair capabilities, including 24-hour field service for unexpected emergencies. Our experienced technicians can work on various makes and models of equipment, including:

  • Air compressors
  • Gas compressors
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Air dryers
  • Accessories

Our extensive inventory and expertise working on older equipment help us provide quick turnarounds on in-house rebuilds of newer and older equipment alike. What helps us stand out from the competition is our ability to offer turnkey installations and an entire fleet of electric air compressor rentals ranging from 5 to 150 horsepower to meet the demands of any job.

Serving most of New England, Energy Machinery, Inc. is an authorized repair center for SPX Hankison, Champion, and Gardner Denver equipment. Factory-trained and certified, our technicians are dedicated to delivering fast, reliable service, and our senior technicians have over 20 years of industry experience.

As energy costs continue to increase, it is imperative to operate and maintain compressed air equipment according to the guidelines provided in the manufacturer’s service manual. Energy Machinery can assist with troubleshooting, planned maintenance programs, and periodic walk-throughs to offer professional advice and system evaluations.

Download these materials for more information:

Check out this video to learn how Gardner Denver produces its premium remanufactured rotary screw air compressors.

Air Compressor Parts

Energy Machinery, Inc. maintains a 22,000-square-foot headquarters in Rockland, MA. This is New England’s largest inventory of spare industrial air compressor parts.

Our extensive inventory includes not only current production spare parts but also many “long-lead” items such as:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Pistons
  • Crankshafts
  • Valves for older vintage (1920 to 1980) equipment

Visit our parts page to request information about specific products.

Download the following materials to learn more:

Air Compressor Rentals

Energy Machinery, Inc. offers competitive pricing on industrial air compressor rentals. All rental rates are based on single shift operation, with second shift operation carrying a 1.5 multiplier and third shift operation having a 2.0 multiplier.

Customers are responsible for all discharge piping and electrical connections. While the compressor or dryer is in their possession, they will get billed for any required maintenance. Upon return and inspection, customers will also be billed for the cost of restoring the unit to normal operating conditions.

The minimum rental period is one week. Unit delivery and pickup are available from our Rockland facility for $165.00 per hour during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Time and a half charges apply for after-hours rentals.

For start-up or installation assistance, our service department can help you to contract a service technician.

Compressor Rental Rates

Horsepower Est. CFM Week Month
5 20 $155.00 $450.00
10 35 $185.00 $555.00
15 60 $225.00 $675.00
20 80 $250.00 $750.00
25 100 $280.00 $840.00
30 120 $325.00 $975.00
40 160 $375.00 $1,125.00
50 200 $525.00 $1,575.00
60 275 $600.00 $1,800.00
75 350 $750.00 $2,250.00
100 460 $900.00 $2,700.00
125 600 $1150.00 $3,450.00
150 750 $1200.00 $3,600.00
200 1000 $1300.00 $3,900.00

Hose 25 foot lengths, including connectors

2″ $45.00 $135.00
1″ $35.00 $105.00

Dryer Rental Rates

10 $15.00 $45.00
15 $21.00 $63.00
25 $36.00 $108.00
35 $50.00 $150.00
50 $75.00 $225.00
75 $100.00 $300.00
100 $145.00 $435.00
125 $175.00 $525.00
150 $215.00 $645.00
200 $285.00 $855.00
250 $350.00 $1,050.00
300 $425.00 $1,275.00
400 $500.00 $1,500.00
500 $575.00 $1,725.00
600 $715.00 $2,145.00
700 $850.00 $2,550.00
800 $950.00 $2,850.00
1000 $1250.00 $3,750.00

Used Air Compressors and Air Dryers

Energy Machinery, Inc. provides a variety of air compressor products to meet the budgetary constraints of our customers. We stock a large inventory of previously owned air dryers and air compressors that provide quality performance at affordable prices.

We offer considerable savings on various sizes, makes, and models. Our pre-owned units were either traded in by customers or used in our short-term rental fleet. Our customer service representatives can review your requirements to help secure the most energy-efficient, effective used air compressor or air dryer for your application.

Chicago Pneumatic Parts

In 1971, Dick Wheeling established Energy Machinery, Inc. His experience as a field service representative for Chicago Pneumatic spanned over 20 years, during which he installed, repaired, and started numerous stationary diesel engines and air/gas compressors around the world.

This vast knowledge of Chicago Pneumatic engine and compressor lines allows us to provide spare industrial air compressor parts, consulting advice, and technical assistance to global companies. Our large inventory of used, remanufactured, and new Chicago Pneumatic parts are housed in our 22,000-square-foot Rockland, MA facility. We strive to deliver quality parts that keep Chicago Pneumatics machinery running and our customers satisfied.

All used industrial air compressor parts that we sell are subject to customer inspection. We also carry an extensive inventory of used Worthington, Penn Pumps, Ingersoll-Rand, and Joy spares.

Replacement Parts for Air and Gas Compressors

Industrial Air Compressors From Energy Machinery, Inc.

Energy Machinery, Inc. offers a full suite of air compressor services, parts, and rentals. With more than 50 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and technical capabilities to provide you with air compressor services that fit your project’s budget and performance specifications.

In addition to our 24-hour field service, our factory-certified technicians are ready to help with repairs, troubleshooting, planned maintenance programs, and turnkey installations on dryers, blowers, compressors, pumps, and accessories. We are an authorized warranty repair center for major air compressor manufacturers, and our short-term rental fleet has a large variety of compressors and dryers to meet our customers’ requirements.

Trust your air compressor needs to Energy Machinery, Inc. and learn why companies around the world rely on us for quality industrial air compressor parts and services. Use our online form to request information about the specific requirements of your next application, or contact us to learn more.